5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Store

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Store

More and more people are preferring to shop online rather than going to a physical shop and malls to buy things because online stores are more convenient and less time consuming. Over the years e commerce has evolved. Since its conception in 1963 a lot of improvements have occurred in the sector which has really promoted the growth and spread of e commerce all over the world.

This has however increased competition in the e commerce industry. In order to beat competition online merchants have embraced new technology and tricks to market their stores and increase sales.

Bellow are some tricks online merchants use in order to pull traffic to their store and increase sales.

1. Writing a blog.

Blogs are one of the best ways of pulling traffic to an online store which in the end my be converted to sales. On a blog an online store owner could publish product reviews and describe what is being sold and convince potential buyers to buy the products from the store.

However in order for the blog to reach a wider audience of potential clients a lot of important technicalities such as optimizing the blog for the search engines must be considered. Sharing the blog posts on social media too could also increase the amount of traffic to the online store.

2. Social media marketing.

Social media is one the greatest invention ever created by man. Social media platforms have many users, Facebook alone has over a billion users world wide making the use of social media a very effective marketing platform.

Use of social media is also one of the cheapest form of marketing compared to other modes of marketing. Although traditionally created for social interaction between people, social media has evolved and enterprising businesses are now marketing themselves on social media.

3. Email marketing.

Email marketing is the act of sending emails marketing a product or services to potential clients. In order for email marketing to work efficiently an online store owner should build a list of potential clients to send the emails to.

Email marketing is relatively easy can become an automatic process. Email marketing also opens a communication channel between the potential client and the owner of the store making it easy to improve and explain to them about service’s and products being sold.

4. Sending free samples to clients, popular magazines, blogs and major influencers

Sending free sample to potential and current clients is a good way of directing traffic to an e commerce store and increase sales. Sending free samples to large magazines, blogs with a larger audience’s and to major influencers will help your product reach more potential clients through them.

They can also vouch for an e commerce store and the products, making the potential clients have more confidence in the online store and the products.

5. Client reviews.

Client Reviews

Client reviews help other new potential visitors to the online store rate the store even before they use the store. Asking for client reviews from previous buyers will help new buyers have confidence in the online store bringing in more traffic to the store and increasing sales.

Client reviews also updates the online store helping it to rank higher as the Google search engine craws through the product page.

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Best Traffic Generation Strategies

Best Traffic Generation Strategies

The best traffic generation strategies will allow you to drive tons of traffic to your website. But you need to understand that your problem might not be getting traffic but better conversion rates. We will let you know more about some amazing traffic sources that you can use today.

Best Traffic Generation Strategies

Solo Ads

Solo ads are some of the most cost-effective, powerful traffic generation strategies anyone can use to send hordes of traffic to any virtual property out there. You cannot go wrong if you use solo ads to send traffic to your website or app because this traffic search is proven to work.

Putting the right message in front of the right audience is what solo ads are all about, and you can harness the power of this traffic source today. You just have to use “niche + solo ads” in Google and major search engines so you can get what you need right away.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay per click ads is some of the best sources of traffic anyone can use today. You will only pay when a visitor arrives at your virtual properly, which means a huge ROI can be generated if you know what you are doing.

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads are the major players in the industry, and they have also outstanding tracking and analytics tools that you can use to take your pay per click ads campaign to the next level in a short period of time.

Video Ads

Video ads are here to stay for a long time. YouTube Ads are a great source of traffic for any website or app out there.

YouTube Ads

Your potential customers love ads because they are engaging and informative, and you can get a great ROI if you can harness the power of these ads in no time. you just have to open an account at YouTube Ads, and you can send a huge amount of traffic to any virtual property out there.

You can take your branding efforts to the next level when you know how to use video ads these days so you can achieve your digital marketing goals.


Search engine optimization is a great strategy if you want to develop a great RIO for the long term. SEO will work very well but you need to have patience. This is because the results that come from your SEO efforts will pay off later on when you have spent good money and a couple of months of efforts.

But you will reap amazing rewards if you know what you are doing. You should not do SEO yourself because this task is rather boring, so creative people tend to avoid doing any kind of SEO stuff.

Ad Swaps

Ad swaps are excellent ways of getting target traffic for your website or app. You just have to let other email list owners exchange ads.

Pay Per View

Pay per view networks is awesome ways of getting, even more, traffic for your website. You will end up paying really low prices per click here.

Bulk Email

Bulk email might not be quite hot among marketers, but this strategy works. If you know what you are doing, you can get tons of traffic with this.


Article marketing is another great way of getting traffic. You can also use Fiverr to distribute your article.

Social Bookmarking

Social Media Bookmarking

Social bookmarking services will allow you to add more traffic to the site. Fiverr can also help you a lot with the distribution.You can also use ad swaps, banners, pay per view, bulk email, articles, and social bookmarking so you can get even more traffic.

These are 10 traffic techniques that you can use to generate traffic to your website, but you can also use additional techniques if you want to.

Driving traffic to your website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to generating sales online.

Why Is Website Traffic Important?

There are lots of websites on Web and all these websites need promotion and marketing support to make them stand out of the crowd. Without proper promotional campaign, you cannot expect a website to give positive results.

Staying in the competition is simply not possible without having a good traffic generation strategy. Website traffic is what every website needs. Even if a website is well made, it’s still dependent on the visitors to generate revenue.

Consequently, your online business can’t survive on the internet without traffic.

Website Traffic Importance

There are many reasons which make website traffic relevant to a website, 3 of them are discussed here.

1. The higher the number of web visitors, the better is the opportunity of making sales. As more people visit your website, there are chances of changing your promotional purposes into real sales made.

2. Even if the visitors do not covert into sales on their first visit, you can still expect sales from them in the future. Future sales are subject to the number of visits you make today. Also, you can build an email list from those visitors.

3. If your website drives a lot of traffic, you can increase the chances of conversion by putting the links to the other websites on your website. This is another important way of making money normally named as “Affiliate Marketing”.

Website traffic is the engine of every business. This is why you will need to understand the central concepts of getting new traffic for your website if you want to get in the online market. Your success will be as high as your traffic and your sales.

Website Traffic Sources

You will be capable of monetizing your traffic once you have a steady traffic. This is because monetizing can be terrible if you do not rely on some traffic sources. There are many tools to track your website traffic that can help you learn more about your website traffic and make the right marketing decisions.

Some of these traffic tools are free, and some are not. You should analyze your needs and choose the traffic tools accordingly for your business. Usually, the difference between paid and free tools comes from the diversity of reports. Visits, hits and pages are just three of the terms used in the reports compiled by the traffic tools. You will need to understand the key terms to be able to use them appropriately.

The page views indicator is an important factor because it counts the page display. It is important to know how many page views each page has. Why? Because this means we will be able to learn the pages that bring us the most visitors. Also, the pages that are not competitive should be changed to get more results.

Visits are even more important than page views because they represent only one person per every hour that sees one or more pages of your website. This is an indicator many website owners use for their website. If you want, you can read the log files of your website for getting some traffic stats. However, it will certainly not be easy to read these files because they are complicated to read by an average user.