10 Best Website Traffic Tracking Tools

Website Traffic Tracking Tools

Tracking your website traffic and analyzing the data you get is crucial in evaluating if your website is working according to plan or not. It is not enough that you deploy search engine optimization tricks here and there, but you also need to follow through your online marketing efforts and see if your website is truly performing or not.

When you closely monitor the kind of traffic that your website gets in a certain period – every day, every week, every month, every two months – you will be able to pinpoint what is causing the hiccups in your website accurately.

On top of that, you will also be able to identify which web pages are working and which ones are keeping your visitors away.

There are other reasons why you should analyze your website traffic and interpret such information. Good thing there are already some websites and online sources that provide tools for tracking your website traffic as well as to monitor and evaluate the kind of visitors that drop by your website.

Here are some of the frequently used web traffic tracking tools on the internet today. Use them to evaluate your website’s performance and see what areas in your site needs improvement.

1. IndexTools

Indextools give online entrepreneurs a closer look at the effectiveness of their web marketing efforts. Indextools provide in-depth information about how the website is working regarding marketing and attracting visitors, which in turn helps online business owners to increase their sales, reduce their marketing expenses and provide a better service to their customers and clients.

2. Crazy Egg

If you are using Google Analytics, Crazy Egg is the perfect partner as it provides amazing visuals and actionable data. Crazy Egg is perfect for website owners who want to earn more ad revenue as well as for those who want to know what their visitors are doing while on their site, and which areas of the site need some polishing.

The great thing about Crazy Egg is that it lets you create tests so that you can figure out what people are trying to do on your website. By running these tests, you will be able to get an idea as to what and where people clicked on your site.

3. ClickTracks

ClickTracks provides a smart analysis of your website, showing your campaigns, site navigation partners as well as PPC, SEO and ROI statistics with a click of a button. Practically working as a web analytics program, ClickTracks make things easier by using a unique program architecture allowing user convenience.

With ClickTracks, you can easily have access to your stats on your parameters and cookies while providing you with a tabular campaign report, internal search analysis, keyword ranking, e-mail campaign monitoring, geographic information, and much more.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you complete analytic report about your website traffic performance and activities. It provides you a real time statistic reports about your website traffic and performance, and it is useful for both professionals and newbies.

5. Social Mention

If you want to get real-time monitoring report about your social media campaign, then Social Mention is the best option for you. It helps you in tracking the web users who are talking about your products as well as any topic which is concerned with your expertise or niche.

This tool can pull out information from various social media sites to provide you a complete and proper report about activities happening on your social media profile.

6. Alexa

It is a very useful tool to use if you want to compare your website performance and traffic with any of your competitors. It is capable of monitoring and providing an analytic report by keywords, website location or by category.

7. OpenTracker

This tool can help you in follow-up to and analyze the activities of your visitors while they are using your website and gives you the data you need to know about your visitors.

One of the most prominent features of this tool is that it can let you monitor your visitor’s activity in real time. You can view your website users as a separate option and view the complete report of activity they perform on your site.

8. Stat Counter

It is the best tool for a beginner in blogging as its analysis results are more simplified and less technical then Google analytics. By using this tool, you can get a report on your blog or websites visitor’s location, keyword analysis, the length of your visitor visits, etc.

9. VisiStat

This tool’s only purpose is to provide visitor-based analysis. It can offer you information about referral links, monitor your visitor action from the time they reach to your site or blog until the time they leave your site or blog. It can convert complex info into a simplified report which will help you to understand the activities on your blog or website properly.

10. Metrics

Analytics Tool

This monitoring tool can track down your visitor’s IP address. It can also be used to perform search and keyword analysis, interpret outbound traffic flow, incoming links, and other performance metrics.

The onslaught of technology has provided us with marketing opportunities that we never dreamed possible during the last decades. We are now presented with services we can use without spending thousands and millions of our company budget.

By monitoring your web traffic, you will be able to analyze and improve your website to make it more user-friendly and search engine-recognizable.

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